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Your donations will be put to very good use. Partners for Tibetan  Education uses donation funds to provide the help that Tibetan refugee  children need. Every winter, PTE partners with volunteers and interested  organizations in India to host Tibetan refugee children whose parents  are still inside Tibet. These children have nowhere to go during the  long winter break. We support them by offering  a one to two month winter educational program;  pay for their tuition; travel expenses to the training venue; and all  meals and lodging while they are in the program. We have also covered   medical expenses for those in the most need.

PTE offers honorarium to teachers and volunteers who  are also from Tibetan refugee communities. For those teachers and  volunteers who are not local, we also provide transportation, meals and  lodging. Unfortunately, without donations from our generous sponsors,  children, teachers and volunteers living in remote areas would be unable  to reach  us and would not benefit from our programs.

As a fairly new organization staffed solely by volunteers, we are  funded at this point only through personal resources.  All costs are  being kept to a minimum, so that children with limited means can attend  our programs. However, we cannot do this alone. Together, we can empower  Tibetan  children -- educating them in their rich heritage and ancient  traditions. These efforts will enable children to enjoy the depths of  Tibetan culture far into the future.

PTE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in the United  States. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Funding PTE Projects


You can specify your donation to fund the PTE projects of your choice:

  • Tibetan Language Development Fund
  • Tibetan Children's Buddhist Studies Program
  • Related audio-visual materials for free distribution
  • Study materials and equipment
  • Tibetan Children's Scholarship Fund
  • Tibetan Arts and Culture Fund
  • PTE General Fund – to be used where the need is greatest

Donations can be made by check or PayPal:


To donate by check:

Please make checks payable to: Partners for Tibetan Education or PTE

Mail to:
 1875 Connecticut Ave, NW
 Suite   # 410
   Washington D.C  20009

Email us with any questions or give us a call at:
(202) 234 8104 ext. 222 (office) or  571 585-4358  (mobile)

Thank you.

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Friends of Partners for Tibetan Education

Friends of PTE  are individuals and groups with a  shared enthusiasm and concern for  the rich heritage of Tibet through  the preservation of its language and culture. Our supporters serve in a  variety of roles including volunteers, sponsors, co-hosts, educators and  provide financial and educational resources.

PTE extends our heartfelt thanks to all of those who  work tirelessly to support PTE's programs and in particular, the Dora  Khangtsen of Gaden Jangtse Mundgod, South India.

We want to express our special thanks to Gaden Jangtse   Khensur  Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Tsephel for his inspiration, guidance and  generous support of our programs.

Lastly, thanks to all our donors and supporters  including the Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture for their   donation towards the funding of our  2009 and 2011 Winter Programs.


Become a Friend of PTE


Besides financial donations, you can get involved with PTE by  spreading the word about our efforts for education of Tibetan children. 

  • Other ways you can help include:
    • Volunteer your talents -- teach, cook, help with transportation, perform administrative tasks, etc.
    • Donate  school and art supplies -- ballpoint pens, paper, specific books,  backpacks and art supplies like paint and brushes
    • Provide venues for our programs and help with logistics
    • Become an Educator -- We  need experienced Tibetan culture, language and Buddhism teachers in  order to continue growing our program capacity.
    • Work with us to host a benefit event for PTE in your area.

If you are interested in becoming a friend of PTE, please contact us.